LIA Booth

It is really such a great event yesterday in Malaysian Industry-Government Group of High Technology (MIGHT) to be able to pitch to investors mainly from Malaysia and UK. We would like to take this chances to thank our Mentor Stephen Lake, for his time and effort guiding us throughout the program. What we learn so far from this program on how to scale our business correctly in ASEAN market, exposure and connection to Europe market especially UK, and so much more insight that we gain. We really thank MIGHT and Oxentia for the opportunity. LIA Malaysia Pitch Day

Our pitching start at 8:20 PM Malaysia time, we really happy to receive many questions from the floor as well as those who see our pitching online. It is really such a great feeling to be one of 15 finalist. They are all truly innovator that bring lots of impact to Malaysia as well as international.

Investment Opportunity

Currently Workspez are in the fundraising period for our pre-series A funding to accelerate our business. We have received many good response from the market about our solutions helps accounting business simplified. Do contact us if you would like to know more about Workspez or investment opportunity and we will be gladly having a meeting with you.

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