Googling accounting services on google, you will be bombarded with lots of accounting firms contact details, websites, and even a few advertisements that might interest you since it contains the keyword accounting service. So with such data, will it makes things easier to decide which one that you will choose for your business? The fact is the other way around, where such overloaded information will confuse you instead. This article will explain why the Workspez accounting service excels, among others.

Real-Time Collaboration Accounting Service

Our cloud accounting solution is enabling real-time access to all users with real-time data. In the years before the internet, an accounting solution is just installed on the local computer. In recent years, the Malaysia government has pledged to provide high-speed internet at an affordable price. This development brings benefits for business (be it small, medium, or large) to adopt cloud technology (Check this article about cloud technology). We have spent a significant amount of resources on building our accounting solution from the ground up so that we can gain full control of our platform.

With our cloud platform, we enable our users to be mobile and free from any software installation. They can work with any computers, any time and anywhere. We adopt the highest security protocol, so your data is saved with us. Our cloud platform is enabling our users from different departments (purchasing, billing, accountant, account receivable, and account payable) to work seamlessly in one platform.

One significant feature that our users enjoy the most will be accessing Workspez accountants. Our accountants able to perform bookkeeping, preparations of management reports, and even archiving all financial documents (be it in soft and hard copy). So our customers able to focus their time and energy to grow and expand their business.

Accurate Data Processing with Lightning Speed

Workspez artificial intelligence technology can process 1000 documents with a matter of 18 seconds. That translates to 0.018 seconds for one record. Our accuracy for data processing is improving day by day as the machine is learning the pattern of the documents. We make the comparison by doing manual and with our processing document to process 100 receipts claim. It took about one hour and twenty minutes to complete processing this data, enter into excel, checking, and producing categorization reports. So when we are using Workspez data processing, it took about thirty-nine minutes to complete the same process.

If you talk to any accountants, they will agree on one thing. Processing raw data-consuming a lot of effort, energy, and time. Which is why comparing to another accounting service, our accounting service provide better result in accuracy and faster in speed in overall performance. We are also partnering with accounting and audit firms to process their raw data.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Apart from monthly bookkeeping, management reports, payroll processing, we also provide advisory for our customers. There are many things that you can do better in your business when it is done with the right advice. Enabling this service requires real-time up to date business data so that our chartered accountants can give accurate information. It will be based on data rather than assumptions. One of our customer, with better control of cash flow, they can save more cost.

We are happy when our customers able to grow their business to a more significant high.