Confused on what are the right accounting solutions in your business? Cloud or On premise? or perhaps what kind of features that really help? It is common to have these questions when choosing a business solution. Perhaps for some, cloud solution can be a new term. Without denying, cloud solution has gain many highlight in technology news. With many technology jargon and “futuristic” features, but real important question will be what cloud solution can do to me or my business.

Work Anywhere and Anytime

With fast pace environment, being mobile has become one of important requirement in doing business. The speed to get information become instant. Many on-premise solution (the needs to install in your local PC) would not able to give you this. The thing about on-premise, you need to bring that installed PC or laptop to anywhere. Imagine when you are in holiday but need to do something urgent, or when you change your laptop and have to migrate all your data to new laptop (where one missing file might make things complicated). Moving to cloud-based solution can make your data mobile with you. You just need internet connection.

Constantly Backup

How frequent you do back up your business data? every day or weekly? These activity can be space consuming to your laptop. Plus, how many backup file that you thing it is necessary? two copies or perhaps four? Moving to cloud will eliminate this activity as one of cloud feature is enable to perform auto-backup without consuming customer space. How about restoring the back up? It might be easy to perform back up but not on restoring back up. We once try to help our existing customer to restore their back up (To get their history data) and it is quite long process to do. Not to mention we have to call couple of times to software provider to help us on certain area. So when you are in cloud solution, back up will be done automatically.

Low Entry Cost

I think this is what normally people will love to have. Low entry cost. Instead of have to pay quite big amount of money to get the license or software, cloud subscription can save you on initial cost. Not to mention there are times you need to purchase support package and upgrades. These cost will be good to channel to other area such as marketing to boost your business.


Three features above are what makes cloud solutions favourable to business owners. One thing might pop up will be migration!!!! Migrating can be tedious and tiring exercise. Workspez team will help you in this matter so that your migration process will be way less painful and tedious.

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