Workspez is founded since December 2017 in Malaysia, which makes us a young startup that operates in Puchong Setiawalk. Many mistaken our company as a coworking space, most people called us to give us an answer that our office design like a coworking place. Yes, we are happy for such a compliment, sadly we are far from providing coworking space. We are a technology company providing artificial intelligence to simplified back-end processes for Small and Medium Enterprise (SME). You might hear us or see us in events that related to artificial intelligence, but today let’s see how it feels like working in Workspez.

Open Concept Office

We adopt the open-concept office to improve collaboration among colleagues. The management feels the importance of having trust among the team members, which is why we always encourage our team members to have more collaboration among one another. Be it you are programmers, accountants, admins, sales, or any position (yes it is including the founders themselves).

You, Will, Be Never Alone Working in Workspez

Yes, that is our motto in Workspez. You will never be alone here. It means in every work that you do. It will be working as a team. We always focus on teamwork and celebrate success as a team as well. Yes, there are a couple of shining stars among individuals, and we always encourage every single one to have become one. Workspez will provide resources to train, mentoring you in a new area that you want to expose to, and works together in mini-projects. We always emphasis on what are you passionate about, and we will work on from that area. Sharing one example for our colleague, a chartered accountant. She is learning about the business analyst process in technology, and yes, that includes taking some programming coding class as well.

We want to tackle the world’s biggest problem, so we start from a small baby step. One step at one time. This mantra will be implanted to every single one of Workspez member always to strive and hungry on learning something new. We ever an open opportunity for anyone who wants to take different fields, or they want to acquire new skills.

Open Communications All Time

We have open communications all the time to all the Workspez team. It means if you do have any suggestions, something that you feel wrong, or having a different opinion. The management team welcomes to receive such communications. We also establish proper channels for this purpose. We want each person who works at Workspez, stay with us for a long time.

Working Trip

Once a year we will have a working trip. We will pick a beautiful place to go, working while having a holiday at the same time. In our first year of working trip, we went to Penang. We are visiting Acat coworking place to mingle with the startup members there. At the same time, we still do our main work. I think this is what our colleagues enjoy the most when working in Workspez. 

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Co-working session

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If you like to work in a startup culture company and challenge yourself with many problems in this world, we would be happy to welcome you to become one of our team members. We often post our job openings in Jobstreet, and our Instagram and Facebook page. So follow us on social media.