Today we will be featuring one of our colleagues, Chelsea Ng, who has been working with us for the past year. We are excited to cover Chelsea ng experience working in Workspez in this blog post. Don’t forget to see our post about Working in Workspez.

A brief introduction about Chelsea, she born in Melaka, graduate in accounting and finance degree, one thing for sure she has occasional sweet tooth plus couch potato (explain she often sits at our bean bag). We asked a few questions to her, and below are her answers.

What are your job scope and area in Workspez?

Test on the quality control of Workspez system; Constructing functional specification requirements to developers; Review clients’ accounts for the shared service team; Handle full set accounts of the shared service center; Raise payroll/payments to employees/suppliers; Maintain social media accounts of the company;

Share us more about what is your current/past innovation projects?

Currently, self-learning on Java to prepare my skills on a mini HR project; Standby as a support to the newly expanded JB Shared Service branch; Worked on the FS for Inventory feature;

What are the things that you like working in Workspez?

Flexibility and diversification. The company comprised of employees with totally different personalities, but it narrows down to everyone having the same vision – watching the company grow and succeed as a team.

What is your passion and aim for working in Workspez?

Being in an IT startup in the Accounting industry, I get to work with both Accounting and IT professionals. Hence, my aim of working here is to gain experience in both fields and contribute to Workspez’s future developments.

What is the crazy stuff that you do while working in the office?

We have occasional BBQ and buffet parties as there are quite many foodies in the company. Also, friendly and amusing employees keeping the team entertained from their stressful work.


We are happy to feature Chelsea ng experience working in Workspez, and this moment we are opening one position for an accountant, which you can apply through Jobstreet by clicking this link: Jobstreet post.